These are some of our dogs.

We have been raising Australian Shepherds for 15 years at the Animali Farm. There have been many amazing dogs here. The dogs listed below are currently at the farm and are the parents of some of the puppies that are available.


Blazin' Suns First Mate

"Fury" is a lovely young dog. We purchased him from Blazin' Suns Australian Shepherds and he is turning out to be an amazing dog. He is smart and anxious to please. He has the cutest Aussie smile ever! His puppies are stunning.

043 (2).JPG

Animali's Poison Ivy

"Ivy" is the sweetest dog ever. She has been part of the family since birth. Her father is Animali's Captain Morgan, and her mother is Animali's Carolina Moonshine. 

dogs 066.JPG

Animali's Funky Diva

"Diva" is a wonderful dog. She loves everyone, especially little boys. She helps me put the sheep to bed and is good with the rest of the animal's that live here. She is a clown at heart.

dogs 081.JPG

Animali's Little Miss Bliss

"Bliss" is our smallest girl at 25 lbs. She likes to ride next to me in the Kubota, cuddling under my arm. She is lightening fast, and oh so smart.

dogs 065.JPG

Animali's Chick Flick

"Flicker" is Diva's daughter, born and raised here. She is a happy go lucky dog, ready and willing to work for a favorite treat!